Goodman & Boston COVID-19 POLICY - FAQ

Are you open currently?

We are closed to the public to comply with Governor Cooper's executive order. Our hours will vary for the month of April, please call the office for assistance or email or

How do I get information to and from Goodman & Boston?

We will primarily use electronic delivery methods (portals and email) to gather information from clients and to deliver information to our clients. We will also mail documents if an electronic method is not an option.

Information can be emailed, mailed, or transmitted through our secure portal. Please email us for a link to upload your information. We have installed a metal drop by on our sign. This will be checked multiple times per day.

Will my tax return be finished in time to file?

Since the federal filing deadline has moved to July 15th, the pressure to get information to us and back to you before April 15th has been alleviated. At this time, we are moving ahead to complete tax returns we have in-house in a timely manner. The IRS is still encouraging filers expecting a refund to file as soon as possible.

What are the current tax due date?

The filing deadline for federal tax and North Carolina returns have been changed to July 15th. The deadline for payment of 2019 taxes has been moved to July 15th. In addition, the 1st quarter estimated payment for 2020 has been moved to July 15th. The 2nd quarter estimated payment would still be due on June 15th.

What if I've already filed and my payment was made electronically?

If your return has already been submitted to the IRS with a payment scheduled, then we are unable to get that payment date changed. We have no guidance from the IRS at this time as to whether they plan to adjust the date of any previously scheduled payments.

What about Payroll Taxes, Sales Tax and other various state filings?

We are paying close attention to any announcements for the states in which we do regular tax filings for businesses. North Carolina is extending individual, corporate and franchise tax filings and payments to match the federal. Virginia is extending the payment deadline to June 1st, but Virginia returns must be filed by May 1st.

We will update any information as it becomes available.